At the end of 2017, during a crypto induced human craze we were offered the chance to teach what mining is and see how we can all get involved. We approached the situation that gives the best results to everyone no matter what they helped "rent" the machines at. Boiled down to it mining is almost damn near as "Plug and Play" as a USB flash drive. It's all about maintenance, infrastructure, and electricity. Our everyday bills!

Competitors that rent hashs that reward them with 55-85% more LTC than their customer. All you have to do is check out what their prices are and see how much one of the units cost. They're charging you the price of a new unit for 1/3rd of its mining power. At CyberC the price of a new unit gets you 95% after operating costs and CyberC Rewards.

All of 2018 any amount of LTC rewarded to CyberC over 5000 USD$/mo is to immediately go back into the operation under no one. The end result is a boost for every single person that purchases a product. The hope is at the end of the year, we all win. 🙂 This number is valid all of 2018 and May Change in 2019.